This Game-Changing Stock Scanner Will Level Up Your Trading

Upgrade your trading strategy.
Upgrade your trading strategy.

Tired of aimlessly sifting through endless stocks hoping to spot the next big winner? Trade Ideas could be the superpowered stock screener you’ve been waiting for.

As any experienced trader knows, finding the right stocks to trade is easily half the battle. You can have the perfect entry and exit strategies, but they’re useless if you can’t identify opportunities in the first place. Stock scanners aim to solve this problem – but most lack the sophistication today’s traders demand.

Enter Trade Ideas. This incredibly versatile AI-powered platform makes screening for stocks insanely customizable. Gone are the days of just picking from a handful of simplistic filters. With Trade Ideas, you can combine technical, fundamental, news, and even social metrics to pinpoint precisely what you’re looking for.

Using Trade Ideas for Stock Screening

Want to find stocks with sudden volume spikes and positive earning surprises? How about low float companies with bullish Reddit mentions? Or undervalued small-caps with upward momentum? Trade Ideas lets you blend all these factors and more using plain English, without any coding needed.

Once you create a scan, you can save it to run in real-time as the market moves. Set up email and text alerts that trigger as soon as opportunities arise. The platform also includes handy tools for backtesting, charting, risk analysis, and more to help refine your strategy.

Key Features and Tools

And here’s where the “AI” kicks in – Trade Ideas isn’t just blindly screening stocks based on your criteria. It uses intelligent pattern recognition and natural language processing to uncover non-random occurrences in data. This means the platform gets smarter over time, making recommendations to improve your scans. Pretty cool!

While Trade Ideas offers some serious technology, it’s pricing stays reasonable. Plans start at $228/month for the standalone software, with brokerage integrations available for convenience. The countless hours Trade Ideas can save sniffing out high-potential trade opportunities makes the investment worthwhile for active traders.


Trust me, once you experience its lightning-fast scanning abilities, you’ll wonder how you ever traded without it. See for yourself – start sharpening your stock selection skills now with a free trial of Trade Ideas. You have nothing to lose except those trading blind spots holding you back from bigger wins.

Learn more about how to enhance your advantage by visiting their website today.

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